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I was a field service technician at North Light Color for exactly nine years. I have traveled all over the continental United States installing wide format printers and RIP software, training operators how to run this equipment and repairing these items when they fail. I also have previous experience in the Research and Development of this equipment from when I worked at Mac Dermid ColorSpan. While there, I worked closely with 3rd party software manufacturers to assure drivers for all ColorSpan printers were functional or resolve any issues. Later, I was moved to mechanical design testing where I documented and helped solve possible future failures. I also worked with a CNC mill, Bridgeport mill and lathe to make prototype parts and tools for testing.


Wide Format and Flat Bed Latex, UV and Solvent Printers. HP LX850, LX600, L28500, L26500, FB700, FB500, H45500, H35500, FB950, FB910, 10000s, 9000s, 8000s; ColorSpan 9840UV, 5465UV, 5460UV, 5405UV, 5400UV, UVX, UVR, ColorMark Pro, RipStation; Mimaki JV400, CJV30, JV5, JV33, JV3, JV4, CG-FX; Epson S30, GS6000, 11880, 9900, 7900, 10000, 9800, 9600, 7800, 7600, 4880, 4800; Seiko H2104s, H274s, W64, H104s, H74s, 100s, 64s, V64s; Onyx, Wasatch, EFI, FlexiSign, RasterLink Pro